Dealing with boredom

My new job is boring. I don’t deal with boredom very well. Typically I’ll do something like surf the web, look at Facebook, LinkedIn, or scroll through my news feed on my phone. After an hour or two, I feel drained and unmotivated.

Since I’ve given up the news, I’ve tried to be more creative in how I deal with my down time. I do some online training, write, and try to dig up work (hard to do when there isn’t any). Yesterday, I left and went to the park at lunchtime and took a few pics. It felt good to get out of my gray, windowless, arctic cold office for a while. Today we went for sushi at a cute little place around the corner. I like the people I work with but not enough to stay here if I don’t have more to do soon.

I have an interview on Thursday for a work from home position, and I really hope I get it. At least then I’d be able to step outside sometimes or sit by a window to work. I don’t want to sound too picky, but I’ve never worked in a place with no windows and it makes me feel closed in and anxious.

I try not to let my anxiety rule my life and do a pretty good job of dealing with it most of the time. But if I can find a situation that is easier on my mental health, I’m all for that too. After all these years of struggling and white knuckling through, I am at a point in my life where if it doesn’t have to be so tough then why should I subject myself to the angst.

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