Life without the T Word

IMG_1943It has been a whole week since I’ve heard the T word.  NO, I WON’T SAY IT. The closest I came to hearing it was when a group of my friends were group texting about the latest Twitter assault on our humanity. I quickly withdrew from the conversation. I don’t need any more button pushing from someone I will never agree with. He does not represent my principles or my values.

I was under the misguided impression that reading about T and hearing about the chaos he creates on a daily basis, and then watching comedy shows satirizing the insanity were some how keeping me informed. I don’t think so. All it was doing was keeping me keyed up, pissed off, and allowing my emotions to be manipulated, thus interfering with my sense of wellbeing. I don’t need to be the dog chasing the stick any more. All of these sound bites do nothing but serve as a distraction from the issues that are important to me. We are all chasing our tails these days.

I know the causes I support. I have been diligently supporting these causes and the people who support these causes for the past several years now. I am open to rational discussions with rational people but I don’t need to listen to angry, disrespectful people any more. I don’t need to listen to arguments from people who have to do mind-blowing mental gymnastics to justify why it would ever be okay for someone to be so disrespectful to so many people, just to support their cause of controlling a woman’s body.

This week I ran with a friend, read a book, listened to an audiobook, spent time with friends, bought a tree, communicated with the candidates I support, and read things that nurture my soul and support my values.  I wrote, I applied for some jobs, and I am learning more about myself.

I feel empowered and in tune with myself for the first time in a couple of years. I am finding my way back to the world I lived in before one person exerted so much control over my psyche. So far, it has been wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Life without the T Word

  1. This is healthy. I can go for weeks without watching or reading the news, except for a peek in now and then just to check. Mostly it’s the same mess with a few different names. Better to focus on what we support. I’m going to remember your sentence: “He does not represent my principles or my values.” It works better than “not my pres…”


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