Things I did the past few days instead of reading the news

IMG_1543Things I did the past three days instead of reading the news:

Read the Artist’s Way

Read Byron Katie

Book on tape – Brene’ Brown

Took a walk

Weeded garden

Ordered some books I wanted

Went to fundraisers

Volunteered at festival booth for my favorite judge candidates

Practiced trumpet

Planned renovation of room above garage


Talked on phone

Reminded myself that I have the power to change what I’m doing to make myself comfortable

Started blog

Looked at vacation photos

Made a list of things I loved to do as a child:

Ride bikes

Play tennis

Climb trees

Write stories and journals


Hide and round up

Walk along the creek

Water ski

Play trumpet

Read books

Take my sisters places

Go to the museum

Play softball

Play football

Play board games with neighbors


Hike in the woods

Walk to the UDF

Youth group




HS Football games


Talk on the phone



Go to circus

Take bus downtown to Reds games, shopping, museums

Swim at rec center and lakes



Hang out and talk and laugh

Make out



Eat ice cream and candy




Block parties

Buy records and listen to them

Shop at mall

Cruise around in car

Crash parties

Campfire sing alongs

Wrestle with Scott


Kick ball

Rubber ball

Look at magazines

Day dream



Listen to musicals on the reel to reel tape recorder

Watch Disney movies and funny movies with family


Go to Eden Park and Indian Mounds

Play barbies and GI Joe

Ride mini bike

Cart wheels

Play with kittens/puppies/birds/bunnies

Catch snakes and frogs

Watch home movies

Read books about dinosaurs

Look at aquarium

Play with matchbox cars and houses

Make necklaces with beads

Hang out with kids in neighborhood on someone’s back porch

Trick or treat

Decorate for Christmas

Paper dolls

Easter egg hunts

Learned to do back flips and other dives

Chased boys

Went to the zoo

Played canasta and other card games

Sang in the choir

School play


Ice skating

Roller skating

Ching chang



International festival


5 thoughts on “Things I did the past few days instead of reading the news

  1. Life is so much better without technology. I never watch the news I couldn’t tell you anything about anything going on. We don’t even have cable. We occasionally watch Netflix or the Firestick. I have been reading lately. I’m reading Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck right now. Needless to say it’s different lol not the book I thought it would be. I also have no social network except my blog and Snapchat and my only Snapchat friends are my family. I’m pretty happy that way! 😊 I like your list of things you enjoyed as a kid. I definitely enjoyed a lot of the same things.


  2. we should all spend less time watching the news and doing things we like ; HOWEVER I have written an admonitory poem warning of the dangers of NOT watching the news; If I can dig it up I’ll post it 🙂


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